White Glove Business & Residential

White Glove is a concierge level service that goes well beyond standard delivery requirements, and it is a growing requirement from businesses and consumers alike.

BUSINESS WHITE GLOVE (also see section on ‘MedTech’)
Special Service has provided White Glove service to the Business sector for many years, initially for complex Medical deliveries for Tech installs/relocation.  In the past few years this competency has expanded to include hi-value electronics, business machines, displays/signage and very many retail fixtures installs.
We provide multi-person white-glove service for your time-sensitive rollouts of furniture, fixtures and equipment with good asset availability at the final mile for hotels, stores, hospitals, business and tech locations.
All needs are considered, but usual options include multi-person delivery, inside or placement, unpacking/uncrating, light assembly, assistance to a Tech Installer, removal and recycling of shipping materials, and removal and documented disposal of any replaced items.
NB: Reverse logistics is also part of this requirement and is something Special Service is well versed in (see section on asset recovery and reverse logistics).

White Glove Services include:
Significant prior communication/review of task needs
Pre-training of teams via video and/or documentation for specific technical or fixture installs
Pre-assembly in warehouse if required before delivery
Straps/blankets etc. for delivery
Lift gate trucks with uniformed multi-person teams available
Meet tech Installers and assist unpack, positioning
light assembly if required
Full set of tools/equipment/blankets/straps
Insides, Upstairs
Debris removal
Asset Recovery

The ‘Amazon consumer economy’ has led to the online purchase of many products that require white glove service, inclusive refrigerators, large household appliances, fitness equipment, furniture, and expensive electronics that cannot easily be dropped off at the doorstep.  Previously, many of these products were bought at stores who would have their own teams or contracted agents carry out the delivery and install process for them. These products are easily damaged and costly if not handled with the utmost care and attention.  Online shippers look to 3PL’s or Forwarders to provide that last mile white glove logistics requirement, and we in turn are the agent providing that competency to deliver on the promise of providing exactly what a consumer wants.