Store Refits & New Store Openings

Store refits/remodeling can range from a simple addition of equipment or furniture, all the way up to Tech Install teams tearing down pre-existing fixtures and large machinery – all the while minimizing down time at the store.
New Store openings are exactly that, and require lengthy consolidations of equipment and materials to facilitate the best use of the installers’ time, and a large number of vehicles/manpower on delivery days.
We have assisted in many such openings inclusive the high-end Vans sneakers stores, Sketchers and JC Penney.
Many may have noticed the wave of supermarket refits (Food Lion, Harris Teeter and Piggly Wiggly here in the south) that have occurred recently converting the open ‘cold displays’ to fully enclosed refrigerated cabinets – seemingly overnight at each location.
Working closely with the controlling 3PL, Special Service provided extensive support to each of those brands covering hundreds of locations

The capabilities and resources Special Service offers are extensive:
A very detailed analysis of the project, its scope of work, volume, frequency, timings and pricing – for both receiving inbound freight from multiple manufacturing locations, inspecting it, reporting / returning / replacing damaged parts prior to install, and consolidating shipments and holding until required for delivery.
Constant personal and digital communication and updates throughout the project.
Out of hours (often overnight) delivery of the consolidated shipments on multiple trucks, help unloading, inside placement, unpacking, and removal of large amounts of packaging debris before store opening in the morning.
Holding and returning damaged items and disposal of debris.
Significant repeat inventory returns and reconciliation.
The ability to do all this on a repeat and overlap basis as the Tech Install team rolls from one location to the next each night in a region.
The asset/personnel availability and flexibility to cope with schedule changes when refits do not go as planned, or new replacement items are delayed from manufacturers.
The back office capability to provide electronic updates, invoice consolidation, and to finance what are often significant receivables related to larger projects.

There are many smaller last mile warehouses and cartage agents who say they offer logistics services for new store openings, remodels and product launches. However, few are capable of meeting the necessary requirements for a seamless process from start to finish.

Executing on new store openings and store remodel rollouts and distributions is not as easy as it sounds, there are challenges such as time constraints and unforeseen events that must be dealt with properly and anticipated in advance.
Special Service becomes an extension of your team to help get the job done.