Military Bases

We are fortunate to have very many military bases in our service area – Warner Robbins AFB and Fort Stewart in GA, Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg in NC, Fort Jackson and Parris Island in SC and MacDill AFB and NAS Jacksonville in FL to name just a few.

Whether it is for urgent maintenance reasons, surge deployments or special time-critical, sensitive or high value items, Special Service is delighted to be able to service these needs.

Our customers, Freight Forwarders/3PL’s, go through a rigorous selection and award process to win these DOD contracts, and we understand we must match or exceed their quality, on-time and security requirements while also meeting extremely tight costs resulting from the highly competitive bid selection process.

We know that apart from the need for reliable clean, compliant trucks and professionally presentable drivers/handlers with clean backgrounds, these contracts have a ‘zero-failure’ tolerance level and/or require immediate and constant communications on any issues related to being on-time, that reports and records must be kept in a clean and secure environment, and that anything out of the ordinary must be bought to your attention the moment it is noticed.

Special Service re DoD services:
As both an IAC and CBP regulated company we ensure that the highest standards of compliance, surveillance, tracking, hiring and security are maintained at all locations.
Each of our locations has made significant investment in securing facilities, equipment and personnel to ensure the safety of employees, drivers and our customers cargo while on-site and in-transit.
All terminals are fully secured with controlled and escorted access for all visitors, full coverage CCTV systems, and 24/7 remote monitoring for security and fire.
Trucks are locked at all times, with the majority tracked through a GPS telematics system.
Our data center is centrally managed, backed up daily and held off site, and we have a regulated security program to monitor documentation handling and record keeping.
The Company has a formal emergency response plan for severe weather, computer failures, bomb threats, hazmat spills, etc.
Special Service has a ‘zero-tolerance’ program relating to drugs and alcohol.
All employees and Drivers take a drug screen pre-hire, and we run a random and mandatory quarterly drug testing program across the company.