Disaster Preparedness

Special Service has assisted with pre-positioning and post-disaster provisioning for many years, and flexibility and communication are what differentiate us from many regional cartage companies.

Supporting ‘Disaster Preparedness’ requires an ability to respond quickly with critical mass and surge capacity to pick up large and small consignments from multiple locations, bring it all back to our main hubs, sort/segregate, and build consolidated loads, report, and then load out correctly onto arriving carriers.
The reverse of that is true (as we handled hundreds of loads into South Florida in the summer of 2017 during Hurricane IRMA and its extensive aftermath), demonstrating our capacity to receive multiple inbound shipments for breakdown and re-distribution in dire circumstances, often without prior notice of arrival and, while our own teams were running without power themselves.

Reporting, auditing and keeping on top of fast moving provisioning and re-positioning – essentially becoming part of another organizations team is critical, and maintaining flexibility and responsiveness in what are normally high-intensity operations is all part of what we offer.
Not least, the ability to undertake this huge amount of activity, cover our own costs upfront and wait to get paid is also important.

Customers have included Lloyds of London, large financial institutions, government agencies, 3PL’s and Forwarders.