Dedicated Lanes

As a company coming from an air cargo heritage, the mainstay of our business is fast moving Freight Forwarder cargo, commercial white glove PU&D and large project based ‘retail distributions’ where there is limited prior notification of its arrival.

Nevertheless, in the past few years we have provided a significant number of dedicated assets on a regional or local basis to contractually based lanes or activity.  The end-user customer need is to have dedicated assets and personnel at their disposal without allocating upfront capital, having to recruit and retain a driver workforce and deal with the slew of regulatory requirements that carriers have to work with.

Availability has to be 100%, and our deep bench of drivers and assets supports these activities.  Flexibility in responsiveness is also necessary to respond to changes in demand, periodic factory closings, end of quarter surges and requests to extend or cut hours when necessary.

While most of these are based on annual contracts, we have also undertaken limited duration projects lasting a few weeks or months at a time. Examples of this activity include relocations or closings of manufacturing facilities and distribution centers, and annual projects supporting a specific marketing drive e.g. In the healthcare industry where materials are required to support a regional roadshow hitting multiple venues daily for a period of eight weeks.

We are not a large contractual LTL running multiple lanes, but do welcome opportunities for one to three vehicle units to service a specific local customer on a dedicated basis. While much of these activities involve shuttling between production facilities, our personnel may often be required to do more than drive, as needs may include specific on-site handling, reporting, inventory control and paperwork management.

We are able to become part of your customers’ team by allocating vehicles and quality drivers who manage themselves, specifically organized to meet customer ship, handling and receive requirements.

Recent end-users include Thermo Fisher/Life Sciences, BMW, Bosch, DHL Global Mail, United Healthcare and Corning.