Conventions, Stadiums & Arenas

Special Service has very many years of experience supporting Forwarders servicing this industry vertical.
We understand the critical nature of hot, high-value freight and have developed a complete suite of support capabilities for your convenience:

Whether it is a Trade show/Convention or a Music/Sports event we know that the consignees (your customers) are showcasing their ‘Brand©’ to current and future customers, or their fan base, and it is critical to have everything on hand, in good condition and on time.
Not only that, the efficient exit of that freight to the next venue or live event is also usually a hot move.

You must have full confidence that your local agent – your eyes, voice and hands on the ground – is fully competent and resourced to be pro-actively capable of representing your best interests.  This means timely and informed communication; provision of ample ‘out of hours’ and weekend capacity; availability of sufficient assets capable of long wait times at holding lots; drivers who are competent enough to manage themselves, the paper trail and to recognize when a developing situation needs escalating, and; the ability to accept ‘push’ freight when another agent has let their customer down.

Serviced offered:
Advance receipt and hold: Pre-Event receiving and storage for your clients wanting the comfort of knowing their exhibit booth and materials or arena freight is already safely stored and available in the immediate vicinity of the event.

24/7/365 On-Call Dispatch and experienced drivers: Trade shows and live events are time-sensitive with 24/7 needs. We are available when you need us. Evening and weekend coverage ensures all expected and unexpected needs can, and will, be taken care of.

Dedicated Personnel:  Special Service assigns a single point of contact during this period who is on call to ensure timely and accurate communication and improved service to you and your customers.

SSFC Cartage Service: Local cartage service is offered to common carriers, van lines and freight forwarders. We offer Individual “drop and hook” agreements for local event’s bookings if required.

Sorting & Repacking: Rushed departure from the show? Need more robust packaging for shipping than available at the event?  We offer our clients the ability to sort and/or repack their exhibition material for secure onward shipment.

Re-weigh/Dimming Capabilities: This service ensures correct and timely billing for both you and your customers.

Routing out: We have numerous alternate solutions to match needs including local drop and recovery, dedicated hotshots, drop at an Air Charter or line haul and onward routing.

Special Service offers a variety of services throughout the Southeast, and outbound to the 48 states for all of your expedite trucking and air freight trucking needs. If you don't see what you are looking for, please email us at