Asset Recovery & Reverse Logistics

Asset recovery and Asset relocation, often called reverse logistics, accounts for around 1% of the U.S. gross national product and is essential in maintaining competitiveness and crosses many industry sectors.
For many companies this process is a recognized source for additional revenues, automatic replenishment, speed-to-market, customer service and meeting a surge in product demands from different regions. Additionally, reverse logistics programs are also initiated for repairs, refurbishment, remarketing, and the final disposition of products. From the initial corporate decision, to the 3PL’s creation of an asset recovery and/or relocation plan to the local service providers packaging, transportation consolidation/storage and eventual shipping out of product, this is a dynamic moving process. Special Service has been part of this time-critical value chain for many years, and is regularly involved in assisting relocating distribution centers, refurbishment programs for technology heavy institutions like Banks or Power companies, movement of manufacturing facilities, return for replacement or resale of white goods.Our capabilities:
Pre-purchase of packaging materials
Pre-site visit facilities and planning to deal with external and internal ingress/egress issues.
Multiple vehicles and teams
Appointment only access
Security cleared personnel
Handling deep inside multi-story buildings
Provision of moving equipment – pallet jacks, hand trucks, push carts etc.
Using customer provided scanners and software for tracking and auditing
On-site packing (wrapping, palletizing, banding etc.) and related activity
Removal of all evidence of presence
Control and recording of items
Return to warehouse, consolidation of shipments
Temporary storage and then routing out.We understand that these assets and moves are high-value, time-critical, and require multiple pick-up capabilities often out of hours, at night and over weekends.  We know that once relocation starts that the shuttles often run 12 to 24 hours a day.

A full service white glove local provider means timeliness, money saved and customer satisfaction earned.
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