Air Charter Trucking Service Support

Special Service has extensive experience gleaned over many years working with the premier Air Charter companies, supporting pick-up and delivery of freight direct to / from chartered aircraft on the airport apron to / from the customer’s facility.

This activity is not for the ‘faint of heart’, inexperienced drivers or the ‘small mom and pop’ carrier.  You do not want untrained, non-compliant drivers bringing vehicles onto airports, backing up to very expensive aircraft, and/or missing schedules while that plane is burning dollars sitting on the ground.

What is needed?
24/7 ‘live’ communication
Competence near very expensive aircraft
Vehicle tracking to confirm asset location and cargo security at all times
Security clearance to get on apron
Asset/driver(s) availability at a moment’s notice, often outside normal business hours

What we offer:
We are an IAC and are fully TSA compliant
We provide dedicated and expedited truckload transportation for Time-Critical, Just-in-Time (JIT) and High Value shipments
Each locations offers 24/7 On-Call Dispatch
We have reserve back-up vehicles to ensure support to production line repeat shipments with multiple air charters coming in for collection during intense periods

We have provided support for the following industries:
Automotive parts;
Oil and gas equipment;
Aircraft parts;
Medical equipment and supplies;
Maritime, and:
Relief goods and Disaster Recovery missions

We provide the highest levels of safety, security, compliance and availability.