Services Overview

Special Service offers a deep portfolio of added-value services in 4 States, from twelve Terminals servicing eighteen cities and almost 2400 zip codes.  This capability is extended through our partner network of seven Terminals to another 13 cities servicing 1500 zip codes.
This extensive southeastern service area is linked throughout with our dedicated Intercity Line Haul Network.

For example - you can ask for a multi-team of 2/3 or 4 men to pick up an imaging machine from a hospital in Raleigh, NC, wrap and secure it accordingly, put it on a dedicated linehaul into Atlanta where it will cross dock onto the next leg, deliver in Montgomery, AL with another 2/3 or 4 man team – all with a single alert to the point of origination.  You can track it each mile of its journey and you will have a single POC for compliance and billing throughout the entirety of the transaction.
How much better than that can it get!

Alerts can be received by Fax, email or direct by EDI.  All stations are on a centrally run Freight Management System, Crown Freight Management, which can track and report status of your freight, and provide automatic updates to you as required.
Compliance is centralized for all our locations, and billing and payment is consolidated for all your shipments weekly, and can be electronically invoiced and ACH payments are accepted.

If you have something that is not shown here, please do email and we will quickly respond and let you know if it is something that we can facilitate.