Are you TSA compliant to move freight via an Airline?
Yes. We are fully compliant with the TSA. All drivers and company employees are STA certified.
Are you authorized by the Department of Transportation (DOT)?
Yes. Our Operating Authorities and current DOT rating are available under the ‘Forms’ page on this website. All for-hire carriers and brokers are required to meet the standards of the DOT before they’re eligible to move freight. Before booking a shipment, verify the company’s credentials — they should have cargo insurance, and USDOT and MC numbers (indicating operating authority).
What types of freight do you handle?
SSFC is a general commodities regional and local carrier serving the Southeast. We handle most commodities assuming they are packaged properly. Examples of items that would NOT be handled include shipments requiring protection from heat, perishables, automobiles, currency, live animals, selected hazardous materials (explosives, poisonous gas, radioactive material, etc), spent lead batteries (batteries that contain or contained lead), recalled or suspended pesticides, obsolete mercury containing equipment, used fluorescent bulbs moving to recyclers, high or excessive value commodities (jewelry, original art). For a complete list, please review the Terms and Conditions web page.
Are there types of cargo that cannot be shipped via air freight?
Anything hazardous, flammable, dangerous, chemicals, computer batteries, live animals, perishable items, etc. may NOT be shipped as air freight.
How do I find your rates and zip codes/cities you service?
Go to the relevant Station location page for locations serviced, services offered and accessorial charges. Call or request a quote to get charges for the cost of the move based on origin, destination and weight/size of the freight.
Where do you have physical warehouses?
See the map on opening page for cities, and we cover over 2500 local zip codes within this footprint.
Which locations do you pick freight up from?
On inbound freight for delivery we do daily sweeps picking up freight from the local airport hub which includes airlines and line haul carriers. We also receive freight into the Carolinas on our own line haul for delivery to consignee, and we accept freight direct to our docks from LTL’s and other carriers for final disposition.
For outbound freight from any of our locations we pick up freight direct from shippers, and will route it out on LTL carriers, our own line haul, other line hauls or direct drop at Airlines Cargo locations. If we are picking up freight consigned for routing out on an airline we will only pick up from ‘Known Shippers’ as defined by TSA certification requirements.
Do you provide service outside of your local areas?
We have line haul partnerships that go to major distribution hubs with local delivery capabilities. However, if we do not actually handle it within any part of our network during part of the move, then we would not get involved in the process. You can contact Corporate or Atlanta for more information specific to a freight move outside of our footprint.
What are accessorial charges?
Typical business freight is dock to dock shipping. Any shipment that does not fall into these parameters and requiring additional handling may incur extra fees (assessorial charges).
Some of these charges are:
Security & Compliance Fee, C.O.D. or F.C.C.O.D., Issuing Check/Custom Entry Fee, Declared Value, Hazmat, TSC Fee (In-bond Service Charge), Photographs Taken/Emailed, Cross Dock Fee, Inside Or Residential, Transfer Fees. Waiting Time – Van/Truck/Tractor, Lift Gate, One Flight Of Stairs Over 50lbs, Malls, Stadiums & Entertainment Arenas, Military Bases, Security Clearance, Hospitals - Inside Only, University/Schools, Construction Sites, Hotel, Convention Center, Canada Border Crossing, Air Charters, Airport Drops, Airport Recoveries, Over The Counter, Tarping Fees, Second Man, Second Driver – EUV, Cutting Bills, Storage, Pallet Jack, Packaging/Uncrate , Detrash, Government Public Holidays, Dimensional Weight Will Be Applied.
What is your Fuel Surcharge?
Our fuel surcharge is shown on the opening page of this website. It is updated weekly and based on the weekly price of East Coast price as shown on the National Diesel Fuel Index at:
What shipments are not acceptable?
The following articles will not be accepted for carriage by SSFC:
Any article or commodity classed as Explosive Class A, Explosive Class B, Poisonous Article Class A and Poisonous Article Class B as named in the Department of Transportation Hazardous Materials Regulations 49 CFR, parts 171-177.
Live animals.
Shipments requiring accompanying personnel.
Shipments which require SSFC to obtain a federal, state, or local license for their transportation.
Wearing apparel on hangers, unpackaged.
Gold, silver and similar precious metals.
Money, jewelry, negotiable paper and like valuables.
Shipments requiring special protection from origin to destination.
Hazardous waste in any form.
How do I get a rate quote?
Rate quotes can be provided by a dispatcher at your freight origination location. Shortly we shall have a link on our website for both quoting and confirming request for service.
How long does a quote stay valid?
Unless stated otherwise in writing, all quotes are only valid with their number and all quotes expire after seven days. A quote/pricing will only be valid if accompanied by a prior-issued quote number.
When accepting a quote and confirming the task, this number must be referenced back to the Station for the pricing to be confirmed and valid.
If you do not, or cannot, provide a quote number we will re-quote or, if it is not re-quoted then the pricing will be rated and billed at the published tariff rates listed at time of invoicing.
What type of payments do you accept?
Once a credit line is set up (we do carry out a credit-worthiness check through the credit agencies), we accept payment by direct wire, ACH or by check on 15 days terms of payment from date of invoice.
We also accept VISA, M/C, AMEX called in to Denise 800-777-6068 # 15 or Daniel on # 19 , and then followed up with a signature, or through the website secure CC authorization page or, upon credit approval, 15 day payment from date of invoice.
Where is my freight?
If you are set up in Crown Connect for web tracking, go to the website opening page, and click on go to ‘Web tracking’ login, enter your username and password and search by HAWB or MAWB to find the shipment in question.
Call the delivering Station — numbers are available on the contacts page or Station page on our website.
How do I get a copy of the Proof of Delivery (POD), Bill of Lading (BOL), and other documentation?
If you are set up in Crown Connect for web tracking, go to the website opening page, and click on go to ‘Web tracking’ login, enter your username and password and search by HAWB or MAWB to find the shipment in question.
Call the Station who last handled the shipment, contact numbers are available on the contacts page or Station page on our website.
How do I receive log in information to my account
Email for a username and password. If logon is not received within 24 hours, please contact 704-587-0001 # 21.
Does my freight need any special packaging for shipping?
Your freight needs to be packaged and/or palletized to move and it is a shipper’s responsibility for packaging the goods. Shrink wrap, corrugated boxing, palletizing and strapping or banding are the most common type of packing materials. We can provide labor and materials to do this for the shipper, but accessorial charges will be levied against such activity.
How do you charge when based on weight and not on mileage?
All transportation charges will be assessed on the greater of the gross weight or dimensional weight of the shipment. If a re-weigh or re-DIM occurs, the waybill shall be noted as “re-weighed” or “dimensions added”. The signed delivery receipt, with such notations added, shall be deemed to be corrected information and shall take precedence over any weight or measurement shown on the shippers. Any difference in the declared weight/size of a shipment will be noted on the customer waybill and the correct weight charges will be assessed to the payer.
What is dimensional weight ‘DIM’?
DIM Measurements are based on the greatest height times the greatest width times the greatest length dimension of the package, or where packages are tied together it shall be on the greatest dimension of the tied group of packages. The total cubic inch dimension of the shipment will be divided by the local DIM factor (either 194 or 250) to determine the dimensional weight. The locally published dimensional weight factor will be applied if that measurement exceeds the actual gross weight.
Do you have an ‘over-length’ rule?
Any shipment containing a piece exceeding 12ft (144 inches) in length will be assessed a $50 'Over-length' Fee, in addition to all other applicable charges. Any shipment containing a piece exceeding 20ft (240 inches) in length will be assessed a $75 'Over-length' Fee, in addition to all other applicable charges.
Special Service reserves the right to defer transport of such freight until suitable space is available on its equipment.
How are claims handled?

See terms and Conditions posted on this website, but all shortages and/or apparent damage must be noted on the Bill of lading by the consignee or his agent at the time of delivery. Any damage must be photographed and documented prior to opening and/or moving the freight from within its first seen position within the vehicle and/or as dropped at your location while still under the control of Special Service. Any handling by consignee before damage is recorded, or after a clean sign-off has been given, will be considered the point at which consignee has taken full control of the freight and assumed all liability.

Notice of intent to file for concealed damage or concealed loss must be filed within 5 days of carrier's handling of that shipment in writing to the Carrier.

The actual claim, whether for loss, apparent damage or concealed damage must be filed in writing with the Carrier within 30 days after Carrier accepted shipment and must include:
The date of the shipment; the carriers Freight Bill number; the names and addresses of Shipper and Consignee and; a copy of the original invoice for the property allegedly lost or damaged.
Failure to file the claim within the limitation of time of 30 days will result in a decline of the claim.
Legal action to enforce a claim must be brought within 90 days after the claim has been denied.
No claims will be paid until transportation charges have been paid. Claims may not be deducted from transportation charges.

Responsibility for the non-observance of the conditions relating to consignments which are not acceptable for carriage or are acceptable only under certain conditions rests upon the shipper and consignee of the shipment who will be liable to SSFC for any loss, damage or liability or penalties it may incur because of carriage of any such consignment. All shipments are subject to inspection by SSFC.

How do I find out about employment opportunities with Special Service?
Click on the employment application on this website and complete it.
Please confirm which location you are seeking to join and in what capacity.